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Dear Graduates,

On behalf of the faculty and administration of University of Western California, we extend congratulations on your graduation. We salute and commend you for all that you have achieved as students of UWC, and are proud of the role you have played in our continuing success. Commencement will mark the end of your time as UWC students and the first day of your lives as UWC alumni. we welcome you to UWC alumni family and to the next stage in your lifelong relationship with our university.

You will be joining a truly distinguished network. UWC alumni - a group of students in every corner of the world,. In virtually every field of study, our graduates are making significant contributions locally, nationally, and globally.

I invite each of you to remain actively engaged with the university and to join our alumni association, which offers graduates benefits such as networking opportunities and career resources.
The future of UWC is in the hands of its alumni. You - our soon-to-be-graduates - are our "lifeline for a lifetime," and have a continuing role in helping us to build and support this great university in the months and years ahead.

I challenge you to work with us to keep UWC a lively part of your everyday activities and in your successful professional careers head.

With warm wishes for every success in the future.

Professor David Brewis
Academic Dean

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  Message from the Academic Dean
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