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Los Angeles Location
Our lush, 20-acre campus in offers a safe and secure home base thatís within arms reach of the greatest city in the world ó Los Angeles. Education at University of Western California has a strong focus on practical, experiential learning. Students are spoiled for choice when it comes to internships, summer placements and the chance to gain real-world skills in your future workplace. Our connections to the corporate world offer invaluable career connections, as well as a backstage pass to this vibrant, magnificent metropolis.

Educating Hearts and Minds
Meet 3,500 fellow students from more than 40 different countries as you get involved in our dynamic student life and the diverse array of opportunities to serve. The chance to practice a compassionate and active approach to faith, with a view to building a more just and generous world, is at the heart of University of Western California. Because we believe true success comes from cultivating a brilliant mind and a brilliant heart. We promise to provide you with all the tools you need to help make your world a better place.

The Most Direct Path to Your New Career
Our Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's Degree programs emphasize a fast and focused method without sacrificing the quality education that students and employers demand. We constantly research the job market to make certain we are offering those career programs in which the greatest job growth is expected.

Career Placement Assistance
Once you have the degree, do you know how to begin your new career? Maybe youíre looking for a new profession, or just want to move ahead in the one that you already have. At Western California University, our Career Services associates stand ready to assist you in obtaining or enhancing your career wherever you are...helping you with job placement services well beyond graduation!

Flexible Class Schedules
Sometimes it is very difficult to return to school, balancing job, family and other commitments in your busy life. That is why Western California University offers flexible day and night class scheduling. Many of your classes may be available on line as well, so you can take them anytime, anywhere, so long as you have a reliable Internet connection.

Small Class Sizes
Western California specializes in individual attention for our students. We have found the best learning environment includes smaller classes, taught by instructors with real-world experience. Many of them work in the fields in which they teach so they bring real-life situations to the classroom and lab. We know many of our students have had varying experiences with attending college in the past. We make sure you are not just a number, and take a personal interest in your success!

No Hidden Fees
You know exactly what your education will cost--up front and in detail! There are no hidden or unexpected add-on fees (some programs may require that you purchase specialized items or pay one-time fees, but you know about those from the start). In most cases, even your textbooks are included in the total price. This alone can make hundreds of dollars of difference per quarter. Keep this in mind when comparing costs.

Personalized Service Centered Around the Student
Ever feel like some schools are more concerned with the faculty than the student? At University of Western California, we're focused on student satisfaction and outcomes. Personalized service and attention from professionals in academics, technology, financial planning and career services surround the students to help them achieve their specific goals.

Instructors with Real-World Experience
Instructors from University of Western California are typically real-world professionals with many years of experience in their career fields. These are the people you want to learn from to be a success in the same career.

A Variety of Degree Programs
University of Western California has degree offerings in areas that provide our graduates with skills that are highly valued by today's employers.

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