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Founded in 1981 University of Western California mission is to provide excellence in educating and developing all students, with expertise in serving traditional students and adult learners, in a healthy and collegiate environment.

University of Western California vision is to become a premier leader among its peer group as an institution preparing ordinary persons so that they will be able to perform extraordinary tasks as citizen leaders. To accomplish the vision, the future focus of the institution will be as follows:

1. Expanding and enhancing curricular offerings in high demand fields so students are competitive in the global workforce.
2. Connecting the campus and community to the world through the expansion of technology.
3. Building business and community partnerships for a better tomorrow.
4. Ensuring student success through career connections.
5.Proving quality, flexible education to working professional and adult learners through modern learning techniques.

Core Values

Academic Excellence
UWC promotes academic excellence in its faculty, staff, and especially its students. The level of excellence is objective, allowing for the abilities of the student. We graduate a large number of students with academic awards (Summa and Magna Cum Laude, Academic Deans Award). We encourage academic partnerships with other institutions for our students, where their skills and achievements are highlighted, enhanced, and often showcased to the public.

University of Western California fosters service-minded leaders and change agents. Western California University mentors and nurtures students thereby enabling students to reach for employment success and personal fulfillment. Through the act of humane exchange and outreach, the University provides service and creates service providers. The University exhibits a connectedness between students, faculty and staff. This creates an advantageous exchange between one and all.

We recognize our existence in a futuristic society and look to the needs of our students today and in the future. This has been the case from the beginning, and we will continue to be visionaries for the benefit of those who have been underserved in the past. We embrace our ability and desire to be proactive in recognizing and addressing the needs of today’s students and those yet to come.

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Vission Mission & Core Values

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