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From the President,

In our complex and fast changing world we need specialized knowledge and skills. Traditional intuition and common sense experience are not enough.

Modern skills and good educational qualifications are a necessary prelude to a successful career. University of Western California provides a proper educational environment in which students can acquire both vital skills and reputable qualifications. UWC a modern forward-looking institution offers some unique educational opportunities, to students of various backgrounds and the opportunity to obtain a qualification acknowledged worldwide.

Our university faculty consists of highly qualified lecturers selected on the basis of both their academic and business-professional expertise and their ability to integrate theoretical work with practical, job-related experience.

University of Western California offers a number of diverse subjects of study, within its various colleges , eliminating geographical barriers but maintaining the quality of its programs which are both geared towards traditional learners but at the same time flexible in accommodating adults learners and professionals, hence securing a concourse of students from different countries who bring a variety of interests and backgrounds to the common purpose of developing their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Each of our programs offered is designed to give the student sound education in the minimum amount of time, offering the opportunity for intensive programs of study so that the student may embark on his/her chosen career as early as possible.

I hope that your interest in taking a course at University of Western California will be reinforced by exploring us further through our website and that we will be able to welcome you to our academic community via one of our broad range of academic learning methods in the near future.

Dr. William G. Walter
President of University of Western California

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